Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Live music, Good friends, and Fun times!

This past weekend was a good one!  

Did I get stuff done at the house?  
Nope, in fact my Christmas Tree is still up with lights on (I may still turn it on from time to time when I am sitting in my living room)
Did I catch up on sleep?
Yeah, nope, not at all.  In fact, I probably still need to do some of that!

But I did have fun and got to spend some quality time with my relatives!  So over Christmas when I was in Fredricksburg visiting the family, my cousin Meagan said she was going to come through Richmond on her way back to college. Since I have been begging her to stop in town for years, I was excited.  Her brother, Matthew, and my brother, Andy, both live in Richmond.  So we decided--let's make this a family affair and include all our friends.  That we did!  Matt's buddy was working at a local bar/restaurant, Pie.  So we gathered the masses for a "Pie Bar takeover."  Which we actually accomplished...ALMOST....at one point, the whole upstairs was full with all our friends and just two random lonely strangers that did not get the hint that we had our own little Cheers thing going on!  All in all, it was a great night, I got to meet a few friends of friends that I did not know, and catch up with some friends I had not seen in awhile!  Plus, of course, got the quality time with the relatives!

Well on Saturday, Meagan headed back to college and I had promised my friend, Emily, I would go look at wedding dresses with her!  She just got engaged over Christmas and wants to have a March 16th wedding, so she was on a time line!  But we headed to David's Bridal and she tried on 5 dresses, all of which were beautiful but one of which stood out among the others.  After a long lunch at Chick Fil A (cause that is where all important decisions are made), she decided one THE dress and went back to buy it!  Since we cannot show the dress here, I made her pose for this cute picture:

Saturday night came around again and one of my favorite bands was coming through Richmond, Folk Soul Revival was going to be playing at The Camel that night.  So once again we gathered the masses and planned an outing to see the boys perform.  I had mentioned it to Andy the night before, but did not actually think he would show up, but him and Matty surprised me by coming along (I am not so sure it was their type of music though).
Matty (not be confused by cousin Matt mentioned above), Me, and Andy

If only we could get one good picture!

I promise we are not drunk!

The Band!

Folk Soul Revival

My friend, Kristi, got me into the group probably about a year ago by introudcing me to THIS SONG!  It is still one of my favorites to date!  It is called Old 13, and I only recorded a bit of it cause I wanted to be able to enjoy it :)

Just a little glimpse into my weekend, which ended every so nicely with a youth group Bonfire at church and then the Downton Abbey premiere on Sunday night!  The countdown is on, I leave for NYC in 10 days!!!  Stay Tuned for more adventures!

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  1. Holla! Such a fun weekend :)

    I especially like the photo of you and Andy... haha