Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So back when we went to New York, my friend, Sara was supposed to come with us, but she got sick.  So since it has been so long since we have seen each other AND since she had not seen my new place, she came down to Richmond for a short weekend!

Besties for almost 12 years now!!! This was at our first bar of the night!

Lila, Sara, and Kathryn at our 2nd bar of the night

CJ, me, and Patrick

On Saturday we took it easy and went to have lunch with the Bons and the doggies!  Brutus was so happy to see Sara!

Then we went to Target, where they were having a sale on pink watches!  Sara obviously scored one of those

Who can resist a redskins hat??
All in all, it was great fun!  We hit up 3 different bars on Friday night and stayed out late, which we made up for on Saturday by being lazy, chatting, and getting in bed by 10:30.  It was a fantastic weekend, fun times catching up, eating Berger cookies, and just enjoying each others company.  Now I just need to find her a job in Richmond so she can move down here permanently.

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