Friday, February 1, 2013


Ohhh remember how I said that I like to spend 'Quality Time with my nephew' in the post right before this one?  Well speaking of that, let's talk about how cute he is....

Cute! Totally even cuter than bunnies!

Loving on Gaga's waffles!

Just trying to be cute without trying!

Looking at the sky (through the skylight) with Gaga!

Hydration is the key to happiness....

Corbin's philosophy on life--why wear clothes when you can just cuddle up in a robe?

Auntie Lala, please stop trying to take pictures of me while we watch Yo Gabba Gabba!

Cuddle time with Gaga!

He is certainly one little cutie patootie!  If I can ever get my act together, there *may* be a video to follow!  

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  1. Look how cute he is!!! :) Nephews are just SO DARN CUTE! :)