Monday, February 4, 2013

What happened to the reading?

No, No, I have not stopped reading all together.  But since I have more direct goals this year, the reading has definitely taken a backseat.  I am still taking suggestions and plan to read a few books this year, including but not limited to:

1. Because I said So (current read)
2. James Patterson's Private London
3. My Series 65 exam study book (this is really thick and needs to be learned forward and backward, so it is probably worth like 10 books at least)
4. Gone Girl

And whatever books I get recommended and deem worthy of a read.

As I said, my current book is called "Because I Said So," it is by Ken Jennings (of Jeopardy fame).  It is a book where he takes normal myths and proves them true or false, with a humor twist.  I am loving it so much and already feel smarter:
* Ginger Ale and other sodas should not be used on an upset stomach
* Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol should never be put on an open cut
* There is no such things as "growing pains"
* Cuts do not need to be exposed to open air to heal, in fact they heal better under a band aid.
* Poinsettia leaves are not actually toxic to people or animals
* No such chemical exists that changes the color of the pool if you pee in it
* You are actually perfect safe in a pool during a thunderstorm if that pool is indoors.
* Never once has there ever been any documented cases of Halloween candy actually having poison in it

And other such myths.  I am enjoying the easy read of this book and will likely recommend it onto others!  Plus what is not to love about this cover?

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  1. I saw that book on your coffee table the other day... looks and sounds interesting, maybe I'll add it to my list :)