Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1920s style decorations!

So this past Saturday, my friend CJ and I hosted our first murder mystery dinner.  I think it was quite successful (pictures of the event will be in a later post).  But in order to get ready for it there was lots of decorating and transforming my tiny house into a hopping juice joint.

The juice Joint curtain.  This was made with thread and glitter paper in gold, silver, and black.  I simply cut out circles and taped two sides to the thread.

Cute signs made the juice joint more authentic!

Alcohol labels adorn the walls of the juice joint!

Wanted posters!

Christmas lights and floating candles set the mood with low lighting

Corks and candy cigarettes!

Those famous people that have come before.  Signed pictures to adorn the walls.


Up close tablescape with chocolate coins, feathers, and floating candles in Mason Jars!

The Menu!

The Drinks!!
We had a room for photos and made sure to have plenty of props available!

Since it was Rosie's Juice Joint, we had to have a signature cocktail!  And we went through almost 2 whole bottles of vodka!

A favor for the road!
That is just a brief summary of how we brought the 1920s Chicago Speakeasy to modern time Richmond, VA.


  1. I did enjoy Rosie's Juice - I would definitely make that again!!! :-)

  2. Where did you get the alcohol labels from?

    1. Kim, thanks for your interest. Actually we ordered the package through Night of Mystery at: http://www.nightofmystery.com/ and they send you a digital file with all the parts you need for the evening, so they were part of that (we did Murder at the Juice Joint), then we just cut them out. ALthough a quick google image search revealed a few images that you could also use (for free!).

  3. I'm specifically looking for those big labels to use on crates but don't really want to have to get the whole party package since I wasn't planning on a murder mystery party. If you happen to find them downloadable/printable anywhere, please let me know. Thanks for the information!

    1. If you send me your email I will send what i have as a pdf attachment, it is like 7 pages or so and will include the big labels, not the smaller ones.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Just sent them over this morning! Thanks for the interest!