Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's Day turned Bachelorette Party

St. Patrick's Day has been a long-standing "G" tradition.  Three years ago, Anna, Emily, and myself made the trek to Savannah for the big Saint Patrick's day celebration down there.  Last year, while I was out of town, Anna, CJ, and Emily went to Shamrock the block here in Richmond.  Well this year, while Anna was out of town, CJ, Emily and myself (plus Emily's co-worker, Courtney) headed out for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.  This year, however, had a little spin-off.  Since Emily's wedding is coming up anyway, the night turned into a small, bachelorette-ish celebration for Emily.

At dinner, CJ got a Singapore sling and I got a "woo-woo," they were both YUM YUM!

Lovin' the new beverage!

She is getting married!

Emily and Courtney

CJ and me

Kevin (Emily's DD) and Emily!

The girls!

Us with our new friend, Jimmy!
Did you represent on St. Patrick's Day with some green, or did you get pinched instead??

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