Tuesday, March 19, 2013

States I have been to...

If you are following, my friend, CJ on her blog, you might have seen something similar over there a few weeks ago!  Well this is important to know, because in just over 4 weeks, we will be taking off on a 10 day - 10 state vacation tour of the mid-west.  Some may call it crazy, some may call it not-fun, but some would be wrong.  Actually, we probably are a little crazy, but when has that stopped me before?  All in an effort to get closer to that 50 states goal of mine!  

17 will soon be almost double!

1. Alabama:
2. Alaska:
2. Arizona:
4. Arkansas:
5. California: I went to CA for a week when I was 13, I was sick the whole time, but I was still there!
6. Colorado: When I was 14-15, I spend a week in Colorado, this is where i went whitewater rafting!
7. Connecticut:
8. Delaware: Had dinner at the Charcoal Pit on a road-trip one time, I have not spend the night there but have been through the state enough on various trips.
9. Florida: Been there more times than I can count--Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth, Vero Beach, Port Canaveral, Key West, etc.
10. Georgia: Also been here to visit friends and for multiple bowl games.  Spent a memorable St. Patty's Day in Savannah!
11. Hawaii:
12. Idaho:
13. Illinois:
14. Indiana:
15. Iowa:
16. Kansas:
17. Kentucky:
18. Louisiana: Been to New Orleans for a long weekend in College
19. Maine:
20. Maryland: Been here more times than I could count too!
21. Massachusetts: made my first trip to Boston and the Cape last year with my friend, CJ
22. Michigan:
23. Minnesota:
24. Mississippi:
25. Missouri:
26. Montana:
27. Nebraska:
28. Nevada: Las Vegas for Andy's 21st birthday!
29. New Hampshire:
30. New Jersey: Spent many nights here while traveling to and from NY
31. New Mexico:
32. New York: been to NYC 4 times, Syracuse, Ithaca, Cortland, etc.
33. North Carolina: oh yes, I have been all over this lovely state and have many great memories from OBX
34. South Carolina: Obviously!  my girl, Allison, lives there!
35. North Dakota:
36. South Dakota:
37. Ohio:
38. Oklahoma:
39. Oregon:
40. Pennsylvania: hit up this state on more than one occasion--the city of brotherly love and Amish country!
41. Rhode Island:
42. Tennessee: The King family hails from the TN border, need I say more?
43. Texas:
44. Utah:
45. Vermont:
46. Virginia--Born and Raised Baby!
47. West Virginia: Made the trek across the state lines on many occasions
48. Washington:
49. Wisconsin:
50. Wyoming:

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  1. Holla!!! 10 States - Challenge accepted! :)