Friday, March 15, 2013

Universal Fun take 2

On Saturday we got so much of both parks done that we did not feel the need to get up quick as early, we decided we were content to take the hotel shuttle over to the park and re-ride the rides we wanted to and finish up the rides we had not yet ridden.  I opted for jeans on Sunday, because despite the 70+ temperatures, I kept getting cold the day before.  I was much more comfortable in jeans...apparently my shorts weather does not start until temperatures reach the 80s!  

Amanda and me waiting for the shuttle bus!

Here we are in line for the Harry Potter ride again!

Me with the Harry Potter Train Captain.  He is at my level of excitement for sure!
Amanda with a different conductor!  

After doing a few of the rides in Islands of Adventure again, we made our way back to Universal Studios to hit up the rides we missed the day before and to go on a few a second time.  

The Simpsons Ride.  Here we waited in line, then got in our "car" online to find that it did not work right, so we had to get moved to another car.  Meanwhile, the couple that was in the ride with us kept talking and as we were leaving the girl goes "Well ladies, we will always have this memory...."  Ummm I guess we will but I do not think I am going to dwell on it!

Simpsons (this actually replaced Back to the Future)

The afternoon Parade, not as good as the one the night before!

My least favorite roller coaster EVER!  This one did not have a harness and you went upside down on it, so I felt like I was going to fall out and my head was banging all over the place.  On the bright side, you did get to pick your song to  listen to while on it!

It's so Fluffy, I could die!  Apparently a reference from "Despicable Me," Amanda made me make a video saying that for her enjoyment!

Amanda and me with the minon in the Minon dance party!

Pretty at Sunset!

Nearing the end of our 2nd day!

Unverisal, there you are!

I will take things I never thought I would see for $200, Alex:
Me as a Hogwart's student, complete with an owl and all!

Amanda as a Dr. Seuss "thing"

Maybe my new favorite picture and it was taken in the airport!  Me with Snow White!

Well another adventure is over and done with, but I will have the great memories!  And have no fear, my next trip is just 7 days away with my next real vacation being a little over a month away, so tuned more fun is to come....

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