Thursday, March 14, 2013

Universal Studios Fun

So a few months back, my friend Amanda sent out an email saying she was looking to go to Universal in Florida and wanted to extend the invitation to a handful of us.  Well if you know me, you know I jump at the opportunity for a quick/budget-friendly trip whenever possible (especially to warm places in the middle of winter)!

This past Friday we took off to Florida, me, from Virginia, and Amanda, from New York.  After getting into Orlando and getting transportation to the hotel and checking in, we were in our room asleep shortly after 2am on Saturday.  Since we wanted to "get our moneys-worth," we were up at 7:30 on Saturday morning to head to the park.  Little did we know, the "free-shuttle" service from the hotel to the park was only good for one drop off time, about 2 hours after the park opened, and one pick up time.  Well that was not going to work, so we decided we could just walk to Universal, so we took off.  A little over a mile later we arrived at the park...

Here I am photo-bombing Amanda's Universal Picture!

We decided to hit up Islands of Adventure first (we figured the lines would be longest there).  So we headed straight for The Hulk roller coaster and encountered our first wait in line...all of 10 minutes.  We were thinking it was probably a good idea that we had gotten there early!  In fact, we had finished half the park before our free shuttle would have arrived!

Islands of Adventure!

Here we are with Harry Potter world in the background.  We look so full of energy here!
After a few rides, we wanted to get a morning shot (see above) so we could see the progression throughout the day!  This was after we got out caffeine kick in too :)

Here we are in Seuss Landing--look at all the colors!

Scary Dinosaurs!!!

Toon Land!!!  Who does not love the Sunday cartoons?

Amanda being 'thought' provoking!

My favorite cartoon EVER!

The T-rex scared me!

Jurassic Park World--here we went on a ride that I told Amanda you only get a little wet.  Well apparently since the ride was not full, you actually get super wet.  Which seems like it would be nice in mid-summer in Orlando but with temperatures barely in the 70s, the shower was not as welcoming for me!

Going into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

NBD, there is Hogwarts behind me!  This picture shoes a little bit how wet we got on Jurassic Park!


Cool Architecture

More Seuss!  I like my colors!

Pink, obviously!  (harnessing my inner Sara here)

We were at Universal, see here is the picture to prove it!

The Delorean from Back to the Future

This was the longest ride wait!  Not sure it was 100% worth it, but it was super cute anyway!  Now I have to see the movie!

We were worn out by the end of the day but figured we should stay for the parade and it was totally worth it!

Mardi Gras Float!

More floats, you all should know how much I love a good parade (cough cough Christmas)

They threw out a TON of beads so we grabbed them obviously!  No worries, there was no flashing!
Well there you have it, a summary of our Saturday at Universal.  Check back in another day or two for our Sunday adventures!!!

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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time!!! Holla! :)