Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why I all of the sudden want to go to Chicago!

Let's get a few things straight first, I have always wanted to go to Chicago, but after my recent read, I have this burning desire to go there like right now!  My friend, Kristi, suggested I read "Devil in the White City," a book about the building up of the Chicago world's fair.  The book follows two men: Burham and Holmes.  Burham is the architect of the world's fair in Chicago in the late 1890's, while Holmes was the world's first serial killer.  The juxtaposition of the book is awesome!   You follow the success of one man while following the downfall of another--it was a good read, needless to say.

But the author paints a beautiful picture of what Chicago was like during the world's fair and I instantly wanted to go there like NOW to see the leftovers of the world's fair.  Needless to say after reading the book, I was googling things like the Ferris Wheel (first made it's appearance at the world's fair as a way to out-do the Eiffel tower in Paris), the "white city" and the statues of the world's fair.  Well turns out like NONE of them actually exist in Chicago, but that is not stopping me!  I still want to see the architecture of this amazing city and as such, CJ and I have re-planned our Midwest trip yet again to this time include Chicago!  So in just under 4 weeks, I will be there!  Stay tuned, travel stories and more books are a-coming!

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  1. Hahaha! You KNOW I'm excited to go to Chicago! So I can see COURTNEY! :)