Friday, April 5, 2013

2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes, 1,209,600 seconds....

Totally knocking off CJ's blog today about our upcoming trip because it is about time to interrupt the cute pictures and nephew talk to focus on my next adventure...our Mid-west trip!

In exactly two weeks from this morning actually (so probably less seconds, minutes, and hours) we will be arriving in Kansas City to embark on our 10 day, 11 state adventure.  Yup you heard right, we will be road-tripping through 11 states in just 10 days.  Interested to know how that will happen?  Well lots of driving plus the fact that there is not that much on the agenda for the mid-west trip.  Why is that?  Mainly cause there is not much we really want to do in the mid-west, save for the big things like Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, the Badlands, the Mall of America, and a whole list of things in Chicago, we do not have much on the agenda.  We have said multiple times that we did not want to over-plan this trip and wanted to have the freedom to go off-course and look at the world's biggest ball of yarn, or whatever else fun and exciting the mid-west throws our way!  

We have a tentative plan that we are hoping to follow but have not even booked hotels or decided which cities we will be in on which days (with the exception of Chicago, mainly cause we are staying with CJ's friend, Courtney), so we are really sticking with this not planning much!  

This is our tentative (almost certain) route, without, of course those crazy side-trips!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our adventure in just two weeks!  I know I will!

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