Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CJ turns 30

So many of you that follow my blog know that CJ's name comes up a lot!  Well that is mainly cause she is awesome, but also cause in the past few years I have come to think of her more as family than a friend.  She is family in every sense of the word: she has listened to me complain about things in my life, has given me support and words of encouragement as I work through my various issues, she came into my house and cleaned up my dirty dishes and unloaded my dishwasher this past Sunday when I was not feeling well, she will go out of her way to make my day a little brighter, she has offered to take the dogs out when neither my mom or I could be there, and she is willing to go on crazy vacations with me!  If that is not family, I don't know what is!  Well since this year was the big 3-0, I felt like I needed to dedicate a blog to CJ today!  So here it is CAROLYN--it's your birthday (well it was yesterday)!!!

Crazy Fun

Responsible  (she is always ready and prepared)!!
One of a Kind and Open-minded!

Nice (I know its lame but there are not many 'N' describing words)

CJ, I hope this birthday is the best one yet and really how can it not be, we are visiting 11 states to celebrate it!  I am so happy our random first meeting 9-10 years ago would eventually turn into such a great friendship!  Thanks for all you do for me every day and most of all, thanks for being a great friend!  Happy 30th birthday!


Magnificent or Magical with how often you sneak into my house!


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