Thursday, April 4, 2013

Half Priced Easter Egg Hunt

So my sister and her husband did not get Corbin an Easter basket, I know I know I was shocked too!  But alas Easter is not really about the Giant Easter Bunny or Chocolate bunnies, it is about the death and resurrection of Jesus.  But because I am Corbin's aunt and I love to make a big deal about any holiday, I headed to Target first thing Monday morning for half priced Easter goodies to stage an Easter egg hunt for this boy.  Turns out, Easter stuff is only 33% off the day after Easter, but a sale is a sale and we were set.  So when he went to bed Monday night, I set to work stuffing Easter eggs and Tuesday morning before work we had a fun Easter egg hunt.  Corbin knew to open the eggs and got overly excited about the chocolate his Auntie LaLa put in some of those eggs!  What a Cutie!!!
Getting ready to go find some Easter Eggs!
I wish this would have come out better, but he was really cheesin here!

He could not wait until the end to open the eggs!

Looks like this one had Chocolate in it!

Chocolate or Tattoo, which is it?

The Aftermath, notice all the temporary tattoos are left but there is no chocolate boy!

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