Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend in Review

It is a rare rare treat when I do not have my weekend fully booked up by the time Friday rolls around and despite having a few things on the calendar, I was lucky to have a somewhat "free" weekend this past weekend.  Give me a little down time and willing friends and I changed that in a hurry :)

Friday night, Kathryn, CJ and myself went to dinner at my favorite Greek place in richmond, Basilis!  Then headed to the 7:15 showing of Identity Thief at the Byrd theater.  It was a funny movie and even better that it was only $2!!!

After the movie, Kathryn came back to my house and we had a slumber party.  Saturday morning I was up early and got a lot of stuff done around the house, all before 10am, when Lila and CJ showed up to join us for craft day to make t-shirts for the Monument Avenue 10k cheering team!  We got bright pink neon shirts and ironned on transfers, no doubt I will get a picture of the group of us this coming Saturday!

Kathryn and I also made mini-donuts for craft day with my donut maker:

Afterward, I headed home to play with the doggies right quick and change for a bridal shower I had to get to in the West End at 3pm.  After the bridal shower, a few of us decided the night could not end there, so myself, Kathryn, CJ, and Elaine all came over to my mom's house for some Wii Karoake fun and some burgers on the grill.  It was a fun night in!

On Sunday, it was off to church and then Lila, CJ, and I went shopping for CJ's upcoming Glee 30th birthday party and afterward headed to "Which-wich" to pick up some lunch to take to Byrd Park, where we had a WINDY picnic lunch!

Fountain Lake at Byrd park!

Byrd Park!

Sunday night lead to youth group and then home with a massive headache so I was in bed by 9:45 Sunday night, but Monday morning the headache was gone and the week was about to start!  Hope you all enjoyed a fun and productive weekend too!  But most especially, enjoyed the beautiful weather!

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