Tuesday, May 7, 2013

13 states: PROOF!

13 states in 10 days, really guys?  Really?  Yup!  And here is the photographic proof!

So our journey started with an early morning flight to Kansas City, Missouri (so technically that was the first state but we did not get the picture of the sign until the end of the trip).  So here it is in order of our drive:


We went into downtown Omaha and tried to find like 4 restaurants on Yelp!  But ended up failing miserably and eating at a Jimmy Johns.

Next, we stopped at Sergeant Floyd's museum, which was actually on a boat!!!

South Dakota!
We stayed the night in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace (yup the exterior of that building is changed every year with different ears of corn).

Me at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Why hello, Wyoming!

Montana: looks like RAIN!

North Dakota: not really sure what is so legendary here??
Oh yeah, me and a Buffalo (this was actually taken at the Madison, WI Zoo, but no one is counting)

Minnesota welcomes us!

Off to the Mall of America in Minneapolis

Hello Wisconsin!

And Hello State of cheese!  YUMMMMY  They even have a Cheese Castle!


Illinois (yes we did have to go through Illinois to get to the two above states but this is when we really stayed there)

Hello Chicago!

Hello Bean!

Me completely freaked out on the skydeck...DO NOT look down!


St. Louis, Missouri Arches

Kansas!  Home of Gates' BBQ.
Hope you enjoy the states through pictures!

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