Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Corbin Time

My sister, her husband, son, and dog all came in town this weekend for a little visit.  Her husband spent the days helping a friend with some work at the house, while us girls got to hang out with this cutie:

Corbin getting into whatever was on TV

We got up early, went for walks, played and had a good time!
Gaga and Corbin on a walk

On Saturday morning, my mom (Gaga) and I went with Corbin up to the local gas station to get him a muffin for breakfast.  While there, Corbin discovered the Landshark and tried his best to pick it up.  He did not succeed but I thought a quick picture should be in order. 
Like father like son.

Here is Corbin and Auntie Lala--he was so distracted by the muffin on his hand!

Saturday afternoon, we went over to a local outdoor mall to shop around.  This mall is dog-friendly so they have all these dog statues all over the place and Corbin loved him.  

He also loves his mommy!
Loves his mommy

Snuggle time

Sunday morning, we were up early again, this time for a bike ride to the duck pond.  He is on his strider bike here (stay tuned, a video may be forthcoming):

Loves his strider bike

Safety and hydration are key!  LOOK AT THAT FACE!

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