Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just like on "Little House on the Prairie"

So I had planned to have a somewhat low-key weekend with lots of time to relax and you know read and stuff.  Well that went out the window Friday afternoon (as it does most ever other "relaxing weekend" I plan--dang extrovertedness)!  I meet up with some friends on Friday night for dinner and conversation.  Then it was back home because I had an early Saturday planned.  CJ and I decided to go strawberry picking on Saturday, so we got on the road at 8:30 am, had breakfast, hit up a cute (small) farmer's market, then it was off to the berry patch.

CJ as a farmer

Me as a farmer


They were soooo yummy!

picking berries!

On the hay ride.

So I already had in mind to make some strawberry jam, but while we were out in the fields picking berries, this mom says to her little girl, make sure to pick the good ones and if we get enough we can make strawberry jam like like on Little House on the Prairie....ummmm what?  I mean I know back in the day people did a lot of canning, but guess what?  TONS of people make jam every year!  I am not the lest bit like Little House on the Prairie and I jam it out every year!  So that gave me a little laugh.  I thought about it multiple times that day as I made strawberry jam, and its just so coincidental that my name is Laura, cause that makes it even MORE like Little House on the Prairie!

Anyway, after the berry patch, I had a lunch date with Nannie, and since CJ was there, I invited her to come along too!  Well we were in for a great surprise, Nannie had white necklaces (that she had gotten from the dollar store) for us to wear.  She LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES these necklaces and wears them daily, so we put them on and suddenly became the Ladies who Lunch!  

Check us out in our cute necklaces!

CJ sporting her necklace and Burger King Cup!  Classy Ladies!
Saturday afternoon was full of jam making, fixing up my room, and preparing for Tiffie's baby shower (more on that later).

When all was said and done I ended up with 2 big jars of jam, 1 medium jar, and 9 pint size jars!

We be Jammin'

Plus a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries....AND of course may more fresh berries to enjoy quickly! Ahhh strawberry season, my favorite time of year!

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  1. JUST like little house on the prairie... still makes me laugh :-)