Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial day Recap

So GAP decided to have 50% off their entire collection at the outlet store and so I was sold!  I asked my mom if she wanted to go shopping on Monday to Williamsburg.  Of course, she said yes, so off we went!  We got there right at 10am when they opened and began our shopping excursion.  We found some good deals but not a ton of stuff!  After a full morning of shopping, we headed to the cheese shop for lunch (my favorite restaurant ever--they have the best tuna sandwich, for reals).  

Well by the time we had lunch, it was 2pm, so we needed to get on the road to come home after we finished.  Turns out, I did not account for Memorial Day traffic---whoops!  So we got stuck in some traffic on the way back but finally arrived home about 4pm.  I changed quickly and headed off to a memorial day cookout with some friends!

Hokie Girls!
It was a great day and I am forever thankful for the men and women and families who so faithful serve our country to allow us the freedoms we have!  In particular for those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 
Representing the Navy for my Pop!

And what did I pick up at the outlets?  Well the shorts in the picture above (yup blue and white stripped seersucker) and this dress (my first ever selfie on this blog):

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