Friday, May 3, 2013

On the road again...

Sometimes I wonder about myself.  After being in the car for over 3,100 miles in the past two weeks, I gave myself all of 3 days off before I am at it again.  No worries, this time it is a much shorter distance and I will be staying in state.  I am going to my home away from home, Virginia Tech!

Hokie Love!

My friend, Sarah and her husband, Matt, recently had a cutie pie baby, Kyle.  Well it has actually been a few months now but I promised her a visit and some free babysitting, so I am as good as my word and will be making the trek down there for a short weekend visit.  My friend, Erica will also be joining us coming down from Northern VA.  She actually was smart and took the day off of work.  But seeing as I had just taken 7 work days off, I did not feel I could justify that.  So as that clock hits 5pm, I will be rushing out the door for the 3.5 hour drive to Blacksburg, all to see this little cutie:

Kyle being skeptical about my babysitting abilities!
Then it will be an EARLY morning drive back to good old Richmond to make it to church by 10:45.  What fun things are YOU doing this weekend?

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