Friday, May 10, 2013


Seriously, I thought this week was NEVER going to end.  But alas it has come to a near end.  My mom and I went out to lunch today and then I dragged her to a bead store with me to see if I could find JUST THE BEAD I WAS LOOKING FOR....believe me, such things do not exist!  So I had to settle for second best, but in happy coincidence, my favorite ice cream store Gelati Celesti happens to be in the same shopping center as the bead store (okay so maybe that was not a coincidence after all).  So I treated the Bons to her first Mother's Day treat, fresh homemade ice cream (she got oreo, I got Chocolate PB).

Tonight my sister and nephew come for dinner and to stay the weekend, so we are doing Mother's Day this evening!  I get to see that cute little boy, yup this one:

So feel free to be a little jealous (I would be too if I were you!)

I hope your Friday is as sweet as mine is shaping up to be!

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