Friday, May 24, 2013

What's next?

Since I love to travel, the question I get asked most is "where are you going next?"  Well the short answer is no one really until later in the year.  But since that wont do for a blog where I talk about my adventures, I thought I would give you a look into my upcoming semi-adventures!

* Next Friday, I am going to a short track raceway here in Richmond with some friends
* The following weekend will be the long awaited twin baby shower for my sister.  I am sticking with a Thing 1 & Thing 2 theme, stay tuned (probably within a week or two) for a post about the shower and theme!
* Mid June, it is off to one of my favorite places--the Chesapeake Bay--I know, I know, not as exciting as you were thinking, but there is something about this place that will always remind me of my childhood and the peacefulness of a beach where everyone knows everyone is pretty epic!  Plus who does not love small town Virginia?
* The last weekend in June, I will be heading up to Baltimore to visit my friend, Sara for her birthday!
* Then July will officially be the "wait until the twins arrive" month.  Since twins often come early, we are anticipating their arrival toward the end of July/early August!  I am so excited to meet those little guys!
* Throw in another baby shower in August, my 30th (oh my!) birthday, a few trips to the Lake (hopefully) and there is my summer!
* One last big adventure!!!  This fall, I am going on an eight-day cruise to the Caribbean with my mom--should be fun and RELAXING!

What exciting adventures are on your calendar?

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