Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A lovely Saturday

On Saturday, it was going to be a BEAUTIFUL day, so a few friends (and Bonnie) decided to go to Lake Anna for the day!  It was a fantastic time of relaxing and chatting.  I came home with a slight massive sunburn--WHOOPS!  Since we got home and it was still so lovely, we grilled out and had a lovely dinner.  

Our friend Allison was having a "Poppin' Tags" (goodwill style) housewarming party!  I always love a good theme party, but I was really dragging by 9:30 (because of the sunburn and probably just SUN in general) when we were headed out.  So we got decked out and headed downtown for little stop in and to grab a few pictures before heading home for the night.  

Allison and CJ

Me and Allison (plus photo bombers)--notice those bright red legs!!!
Did anyone else have a fun weekend?  Did you over-do it with the sun?  

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