Friday, June 28, 2013

Crib Bedskirts---worth the money!

So every time I do a DIY project, I ask myself, is this worth the money or would I do it again?  Well turns out crib bedskirts are probably worth that $20 that you are shelling out to buy one pre-made.  After probably $12 in fabric costs and an additional 4 hours+ working on the dang thing, this is what I got to show for it:

Cute, yes!  But if you can guess that this would sell close to $20, that means my hourly charge is just about $2/hour--Not even close to minimum wage!  So, it turns out, I will stick to my day job and not go into the crib bedding industry (does such a thing even exist?)

Alas, if this fits the crib and assuming everything comes together, tune in sometime the week of July 10th for an update on the twins new bedroom (which I am going to help my sister with next weekend!)

1 comment:

  1. Well it's cute as a button and their AUNTIE MADE it with lots and lots of love!