Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Friday Night Racin'

So a few years back, my friend, Emily and i would hit up about every race at Southside Speedway, but then the track closed one year for the summer racing due to family issues and it has been awhile since we have been back.  Well that all changed this past Friday, we decided to go back for the races.  So Emily, her husband Kevin, his friend Jeff, our friend Courtney, and myself went to the race track--soft coolers in hand with our beers (the track is BYOB---score, right?).  Well we all had a blast.  We watched some of the qualifying laps and then hunkered down for the night of racing, they raced 5 models (Late model, grand stock, U-cars, Legends, and street stock) so we got a good value for our $12 admission.

It was Courtney's first race and I think she is sure to be back!

Emily, me, and Courtney during qualifying.

The track before the lights went down.

First race!

RACIN' -- look at that action shot!

More action!

So these two cars were going at it.  It is hard to tell in this picture but EVERY time they came around, the white car would literally push up under the yellow car's bumper, this went on for like 15 laps until finally the white car got around.

BIG WRECK of the night, you can see the spilled fluids on the track, so there was a bit of a delay!

No worries, everyone was okay!  No ambulance needed!

Legends racing--this reminded us of the cute little Shriner's cars at parades!

And because I thought the Legend cars were so cute, I got a video of them--listen to those cute little engine sounds:

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