Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday Nights Under the Lights at SOUTHSIDE SPEEDWAY

Well, it was another beautiful Friday night, after a few days of violent storms this week, we were able to get a break from the rain (and the temperatures in the 90s) and head to Southside Speedway for the Friday night race.  It was absolutely beautiful weather there---and was even a little chilly by the time we left at 11pm.

CJ joined in this time so it was her first ever experience at Southside Speedway and I think she would come back, but the rest of us just enjoyed another night of good racing with 6 races on board.  

They started with a meet and greet on the track before race time.

During the Legands car race, there was an accident and one of the cars had to be "towed" off the track--it is funny to see how itty bitty these little cars are!

Under the lights!

Racing action!

The girls!

Please note how patriot everyone is dressed--it was Flag Day after all!

Another picture of us!
I must confess, I am going to miss this the last Friday in July (since I will be out of town), it has been quickly becoming my favorite summer tradition!

And for those of yall that missed the action, here is a video snippet of the race:

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