Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saturday Recap

Despite my best effort to sleep in, I was wide awake (with a little bit of a headache--dang race drinking) at 8am on Saturday morning.  So I did a few things around the house, then meet this cutie for lunch:

Nannie with her after lunch treat of ice cream (I certainly get my sweet tooth from my grandma)

After dropping Nannie off, it was back home real quick to get ready for Anna and Ben's wedding.  The wedding was at a local church and was at 3pm so I did not have much time to get myself ready before I was headed out again to the wedding.  Anna is so creative and her design ideas are so on point with mine that i knew I would love the wedding decor and I certainly did!

cute centerpieces

First dance (it is a little blurry)

Bible Study picture!

Jessica and Robert

Aubrey practicing her bubble making skills

The bride and the groom heading out
All in all, it was a great Saturday!  I got to spend time with some great people and was even in bed before 11pm--AMAZING!  So that begs the question, what did you do this weekend?

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