Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I actually think it has felt like summer here long before June 21st, nevertheless, on the very first weekend of summer 2013, I took full advantage of the sun and took off for a weekend at the Chesapeake Bay.  As a young child, my parents had a house on the Bay and we would go there often, then my freshman year of college they sold the house and bought a place at Lake Anna.  I do love Lake Anna, but the Bay will always hold a special place in my life.  The sun, the sand, the ability to almost escape reality--it is a wonderful thing!

So, my mom and I set off (dog-free for the weekend, Thanks CJ!) to Bavon Beach to spend the weekend with my aunt Gloria.  

Welcome to Bavon!

We arrived after dinner on Friday and had enough time to unpack and watch Jeopardy before we went out to the point to catch the beautiful sunset over the bay.

This picture really does not do it justice, but you get the idea...

Then on Saturday, we got up early and went yard saling and to some cute shops in the city of Matthews.  Grabbed breakfast and hit up the book store before heading back to the house to get our suits on and soak up the rays!

After the day in the sun, we came back to the house for cocktails and dip and then Aunt Gloria and I went cruising in her convertible, where we caught sight of this little guy:

And caught another gorgeous sunset:

We woke up Sunday to an overcast sky, so we figured we would be packing up early to go home, but then the clouds lifted and we had a beautifully clear and sunny day on the beach again.  When we came up for lunch, Aunt Gloria introduced me to her friend:

Yup, that is a frog that she is holding--ICK!  Anyway, the weekend was just what I needed.  Time to relax, rest, and not be so connected to my phone.  The simple pleasures of life :)

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