Monday, June 10, 2013

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Baby Shower

It all started with Google, like so many things do!  
When I found out my sister was having twins, I thought whatever will we do!

I got my thinking cap on and started to think,
how can I find a good theme and serve a great mixed drink!

Well Google served me well, I found just the right thing,
a Dr. Seuss themed shower will be great for this fling!

So onto the planning stage I went,
how to plan on a budget so I can still pay rent!

Well what should I find but so many great deals,
Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme it is, now here's the reveal!


So it seems, I have gotten a little carried away with the rhyming!  A little background, my sister is having twins later this summer and so my mom and I planned to throw her a baby shower.  Since I am the party planner and my mom is the cleaner, we both took our jobs seriously!  Here is how everything turned out!

It all started with the invite (I googled for sample invites and then created and printed my own at home--a huge money saver as most invitations start somewhere around $1 each, at 35 invitees, I saved roughly $30 here alone!):

 Then came the decorations and tablescape:

I got lucky cause I was able to find a packet of red and blue pinwheels for Memorial day in a combo packet for $7, which is way cheaper than buying them separately!

Food Tent Cards (I created these myself too)


Drink table
 Next I goggled images from the book and then printed them on card-stock with a sweet border, then simply put them in a frame my mom had around the house.
Gifts table (yeah I might have wrapped some gifts like the theme)

A take away for the new babies--all the guests signed the book and I sent it home with the new mom!

The table and food!  Instead of buying a cake, I made chocolate cupcakes (my sister's favorite) and then iced them with butter-cream that I had colored and added cupcake toppers that I made myself with toothpicks and images printed in circles.

I love etsy, I found a digital file for a whole bunch of games and other decor and for just $6 (and the cost to print it), I was set!

Search in your purse game!
For the prizes, the winners got red and blue candles that they can take home (something inexpensive but fun)!

So I found Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats online and I was convinced I wanted them, so I asked my friend CJ to make them and they turned out wonderfully!

What shower is not complete without a favor?  This was the big splurge item, but I feel in love and they were too cute not to get (and I think they were a fabulous hit).  I ran across this company called Snickety Snacks and I loved what they do.  The favor was a custom designed cookie for each guest to take home with them! So fun and yummy!
Thank you for coming, we hope you had fun.  Please grab a cookie before you must run!

Cookie close-up!

And lastly, because I am crazy in love with this theme, I created Thank you notes for my sister to take home with her to write the thank you's! 


  1. Laura.... seriously... you NEED to be in the party planning business!!! This is AMAZING! You are so creative and it doesn't even sound like you broke the bank which is awesome! You sure do know how to throw a great party :) Great job!!

  2. Ditto to what repeat offender said! :) Also, I like the new background and font! :)

  3. Thanks so much for including Snickety Snacks in your post! Those Thing 1 Thing 2 cookies are definitely a favorite of ours, and it's great to see the cute party they were attached to!

    1. Thanks! They were a HUGE hit and I passed along your business card to a few of the guests, so hopefully some new cookie lovers will be ordering soon!