Friday, July 26, 2013

A few odds and ends to end the week!

Happy Friday Yall!  This week has flown by and I KNOW next week will too!  But in the mean time let's catch up, shall we?  What's been going on in Laura-land (sounds so close to LaLa land, which is where I feel like I am half the time anyway!)

Tuesday night, I caught up with the bro & mom at our newest Carytown addition:

I am fully obsessed, I loved this place when I was in Atlanta like yeaaaaaaaaars ago and I love it in Richmond too!  We had Pepperoni & Banana Pepper pizza (don't knock it, til you try it!)

In other news, my friend Sara and I are starting to actually consider tattoos, and I am leaning toward this one:

I Love the intricate-ness and simplicity all together!  I would probably only get the verse, not the words and it would be small, think like 1.5 inches wide.  So let me know what you think (and before you ask, yes I know what I am doing--I have wanted a tattoo for like 12 years now so I dont think the desire is going to go away anytime soon).

In other, very fun news, if you are not currently following me via feedly or another RSS reader, then I have added a link for you to follow me via email, you will find it on the RIGHT side of your screen, just under the "About me" section.  I also added the top 10 most read blog posts to date, so you can get a quick look at what everyone else is interested in too!

Well that is all from me for now, off to more racin' action tonight and Kings Dominion tomorrow!  I hope everyone has a....

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  1. I like the tattoo! Did you design that yourself? Where did you find it?