Monday, July 1, 2013

Baltimore Weekend!

 So this past weekend, I made the trek up to Baltimore.  I saw trek because it really was this time, my normal 3 hour drive ended up taking me almost 5 hours because of weather and traffic!  But it was worth it to get to spend the weekend with a few of my favorite people!

Since Amanda and I both left after work on Friday, we did not make it to Baltimore until about 10-10:30.  So we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got there, so we just chatted for a bit and headed to bed.

Saturday morning we slept in (until about 8:30!), then got up and slowly got ready.  Sara opened her belated birthday gifts and Peanut found himself a little present of his own:

Cat in a box!

Next it was out for some Hampden shopping!  We stopped in our favorite store, Trohv and spent a good bit of time looking around at all the fun stuff and ohhhing and ahhing at the store displays:


Then it was off to the Hon shop, where the girls tried on some stylish hats:

Then after lunch and some more shops, we came back home to relax for a few minutes in the air conditioning before deciding what to do next!
Peanut getting some love

Just relaxing!

We then decided, why not do more shopping, so off to the outlets we went!  Taking in downtown Baltimore on our way there!
Go Ravens!

Go Orioles!

Oh Hey Inner Harbour!
 After exhausting ourselves on shopping, we grabbed a quick dinner then headed back to Sara's house where Erica had to say her goodbyes.
Sara, me, and Erica

Amanda, Sara, and Erica

Amanda, me, and Erica
After Erica left, a few of Sara's friends came over to hang out before bed! Then we were up entirely too early on Sunday to go to the Baltimore Farmer's Market!  

Fresh Veggies!
Afterwards we picked up some Berger Cookies, a Baltimore staple and Amanda and I were both on our way home!
Goodbye Baltimore, until next time!

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