Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Long weekend visit to Norfolk

So technically our office was to be closed at 1pm on Wednesday and all day Thursday for the July 4th holiday.  But I convinced my boss to let me trade in my half day on Wednesday for a full day on Friday--I know sweet!!!  So with my long weekend, I headed down to Norfolk to get in some quality nephew time with Corbin before those two other boys make their appearance.  And to put the finishing touches on the nursery (post to come)!  So here is a little picture preview of my weekend:

Just a little shot of OJ!

Corbin loves his dogs!
 Friday we headed to the Children's Museum, which was awesome!  Tiffany even threatened to leave me there childless while she took Corbin home for a nap!  But I did not want to be the adult creeper at the kid's museum!
Corbin & the frog

Corbin drives the bus!

Corbin drives the boat!

Then Friday afternoon, we came home, post nap and played outside in the sprinkler!  That boy loved it!
Spraying his head!

Starting to discover that he can spray out!

Wonder how far this will go.....

Turns out I can get Daddy!
Here is a little play by play!
 Saturday morning was spent at the beach playing in the water with everyone!  We had a good time.  Then we came home for nap time and Tiffany and I ran out to get stuff for the nursery and dinner supplies!  Then while mom and Corbin were playing, Josh and I got to grilling!
Yummy dinner!

This boy loves his corn!

I fully aggree--it was YUMMY!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and I knew I had to get on the road so I could beat the holiday beach traffic leaving!  But we got a few hours of play time in before church!

Silly Faces!

What a mommy's boy!

And an Auntie Lala Boy :)
And because she is always cute, here is one of Stella!  

Now to make this post even longer, here are some cute videos of the little energizer bunny:

And a little background on this next one, Corbin and I were playing upstairs on Sunday morning and I went downstairs to grab some water.  Tiffany shouts to Josh in the other room, "Daddy, come look at how cute my boy is!" and Corbin responds, "I am not your boy, I am Lala's boy!"  These declarations are few and far between so I had to get it on video:

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