Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Racing Fun!

Some may say we are obsessed, I say we are fans!  Years ago (maybe 4-5), Emily and I started going to the Friday night races at Southside Speedway and guess what?  We loved it!  The crowd, the cars, the noise, the fans, the BYOB policy (yup, I just went there!)  It is super affordable fun for a Friday night. forward to 2013, I think we have already beat our past records with 4 races in the books this summer already, but more fun is just around the corner, and I think we have done our best to bring on some new fans this year (cough cough: Courtney & CJ).

This past Friday was no exception, we braved the cloudy sky and went with faith that the rain would hold off, and it did!

Emily, CJ, and me!
I think this might be qualifying happening here! Which explains why no one is really in the stands!

Love that action!!!

Take a look at this one, our crew of two (just a few years ago) has expanded!  On Friday night we had all of 6 people there to cheer on the drivers!

Interesting piece of information, Friday night was the qualifier for the Legends cars, this guaranteed a spot in NY or something for some big race.  ANYWAY, turns out, to be a legends driver, you only have to be 12!  So the guy who was really doing well was a mere 15 years old, not old enough to legally drive but he can RACE a Legends car!  

There were a few pretty epic wrecks on Friday, one where the car went up on the wall, a few cars hashing it out on the track and of course another Legends causality.  It is so cute when the little cars get picked up by the tow truck and hauled away!  No worries though, all the drivers were fine!

So what did you do this past weekend?  Anything fun and exciting? It is hard to believe that July is already over half way over.  Those little nephews will be here before I know it!

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