Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

So another weekend has passed by way too quickly, but such is life!  My dear friend Sara was in town visiting this weekend from Baltimore.  She actually ended up coming down Thursday night and worked from my home on Friday (we figured out this was a fantastic approach to avoid Friday after work traffic).  So Friday after work, we hung out for a bit then headed to dinner at my favorite Greek place in Richmond, Basilis' Greek Cuisine.  It was yummy!  Afterward we went over to my friend, Lila's house for game night. Which consisted of 2 games of Telestrations and a round of Cranium--girls vs. boys!  

Lila and Patrick!  Lila drew Ms. Piggie and Patrick guessed "Ms. Piggie's hair and a sad bat"

After game night, we came back home and went to bed (before 12--we are getting older for sure).  Saturday morning we were up at like 8:30 since we plan to head over to the Farmer's Market here.  We looked around, then waited in line for our doughnut!  Yup, its bigger than my hand.  Best. Doughnut. Ever!

After the farmer's market, we went to World Market & Trader Joe's before grabbing lunch at Kroger, then headed home to shower and relax!

At the farmer's market, I also picked up some doggie treats, including an edible dog treat mustache, but before I would let the dogs eat it, I made them both pose for pictures!

After laying around and watching some trash tv and showering, we decided we would go for Mexican for dinner and then go see the movie The Heat, which was soooooooooooo cute and very funny!

The only picture I got of us!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend with a great friend! Sara had to  leave early on Sunday to get back, so I went to church then came home to do some cleaning before heading to CJ's for some afternoon time in the pool:

Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!

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