Monday, July 29, 2013

What is better than cookies?

That is actually a trick question, nothing is better than cookies :)  Well except maybe cute cookies!

So for Tiffany's baby shower, I ordered Thing 1 & Thing 2 cookies from Snickety Snacks and they were sooooooooooooo adorable and so cute!  Well as a former cake decorator, I kept thinking, I could probably make some myself if I ever got the time.  Well this weekend I had one whole day free!  In the world of Laura, this so rarely happens, I figured it was worth the time to try my hand at cute cookie making.  Well I had been checking out pinterest and started following a cookie blog: The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.  Well she has all kinds of cookie inspiration, as well as recipes so I was hooked.  I tried her made from scratch cookie recipe & made from scratch royal icing and both worked out beautifully :)  (I had tried this weeks earlier with a slight fail---I used sugar cookie dough and made my icing from powered sugar and water, it was still tasty but the icing never set and the cookies expanded A LOT while baking.  No worries, I gave them to my sister, brother in law, and nephew and they all thoroughly enjoyed them).

See Corbin was excited about the first round of cookies:

And ate the whole thing!

 But if you look closely you can see the icing spreading and the cookie is just a simple circle.  Well I was up for the challenge of second attempt and I was not taking chances with my dough or icing.  So now witness the process (in pictures):

Step 1: Make the dough!

Step 2: Cut out cute shapes and bake the cookies--can you guess what we are making?

Step 3: After cookies have cooled, begin outlining

Step 4: Then fill in the icing with fill color (this is called flooding the cookie)

Step 5: Ice and flood the bottom part

Step 6: Add Detail & Viola, you now have a margarita cookie (my two favorite things combined)

I also made Sunglasses

And Flip Flops

And more flip flops!

So let me know what you think?  Second attempt better or worse?  I checked this morning and all the icing set perfectly, most of it was set by yesterday afternoon but the flip flops took some extra time!  I had one with my lunch today and let me tell you, they are super YUMMY!

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