Monday, August 12, 2013

A long silence must mean one thing.....

Welcome to the world long awaited baby boys!  Sorry I have been relatively quiet in blog world, I went down Friday afternoon to meet these little guys!

These two little baby boys that we have prayed over and been excited about meeting since DECEMBER of last year FINALLY made their arrival Thursday!  Baby A and Baby B, better known as Holden William and Garrett Huling came into the world around 12:45pm on Thursday at a strong 6 pounds 8.5 oz and 6 pounds 9 oz respectively.  My sister is a real trooper and had both babies without any pain medication and is doing well, as are the two little ones.  I cannot wait to spoil these two guys and Corbin even more :)

And since I know how much we love pictures here (oh, is that just me? Well its my blog, my rules), I will be sharing more and more over the next week or more :)

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