Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend Catch Up!

So this week has been a bit crazy so bear with me as I do a few updates!  

Friday Night was race night once again.  We had a huge crowd with us (like 20 + people), it seems everyone loves some racin' fun!  

My cousin, Matt, came to the race to join us as well, so we toasted to his sister, my other cousin, Meagan on her birthday (she was in Florida).

There were not too many wrecks, so the races rolled on and finished earlier than normal!  CJ and I headed back to my house to get to bed early since we had a big day planned at King's Dominion for Saturday.  So it was up and about early on Saturday and headed to the park:

We got there almost at opening time and hit up a few roller coasters and then had a late lunch and proceeded to waterworks where we went around the lazy river like 5 times before calling it a day.  We changed back into clothes and started to head to the car right when it started raining, so we were lucky to get out before we were drenched.  We came home and grabbed some Italian for dinner with the Bons.  Sunday was the day of cookie making and then it was off to a crazy week of work :)

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