Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A week later....

So a week has come and gone since my last post and what a difference a week makes!  My birthday flowers are starting to show their age and apparently so am I!  Today while at the Dollar Tree, the cashier asked me how it felt to send my children off to school today.  Ummm, well no kids, so it just seemed like another day to me!

Sad sad flowers :(
I spend my weekend this weekend in Norfolk, trying to help out my sister and Josh as they navigate life with 3 kids.  I think they say it best when they say "we are outnumbered!"  Even with 3 adults, it seems there was not enough hands to go around, but it was totally worth the sleepless nights and crying to get to spend my weekend with these three beautiful boys!




By the time I got home on Monday, I was exhausted, but I am not one to take naps frequently.  If I do, I generally wake up more tired than before the nap, so instead of a nap, I needed to find something to fill my afternoon until bedtime, so of course, I decided to start baking!  I had promised my sister more chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal cookies last weekend but since I did not get the time last week, I figured I would bring them next weekend when I go back down there. 

Even the dough looks yummy!

Finished product!
 I also made some banana muffins and mini banana muffins (for little corbin):

And after my nautical themed shower, I was asked by a friend to make anchor cookies for a baby shower she was doing.  So I went ahead and tackled those yesterday too!
Can you find the odd one out?

I made a little "C" for my Corbin with some of the extra dough!

 So all in all, project stay awake until at least 9pm worked out, and I have lots to show for it!  Including 3.5 dozen anchor cookies, 1 dozen muffins, 2 dozen mini muffins, and 2.5 dozen oatmeal cookies!  Not too shabby for an afternoon of baking!  What did you spend your holiday weekend doing?  

P.S.--have no fear, I will be back soon with more baby pictures, cause honestly, who does not love baby pictures?

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  1. So productive!!! :) Look at those cute little nephews of yours! :)