Thursday, September 5, 2013

As good as my word...

I promised in Tuesday's post, I have more pictures to deliver. Cute babies all around.  Little baby Garrett was the chill guy this past weekend so he got a lot more camera time than Holden, but I will try to make that up this weekend!  And of course, my little guy, Corbin got PLENTY of Auntie Lala time!

His shirt says "I dig the Hokies" and has a excavator on it!

I would have to agree Garrett!

OMG little baby feet!

Garrett asleep in grandma James' arms.

Well good morning Little man!

Stella Love!

Cross my heart, Auntie Lala is my favorite :)

Holden Man in the car seat!  

Garrett in the car seat!

This boy can eat!  This was breakfast #2 and he woofed it down!

Hello almost gone scone!

Well good morning world!

All in all, I think we can all agree that Tiffany and Josh make some freaking adorable kids!

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