Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Anna (a little late)

So this is like now 5 days late posting, but hopefully Anna will just be getting caught up with everything in her world so it will be like perfect timing :)  My bestie, Anna Banana's birthday was on Saturday, September 14th but she was also coming back from a mission trip to Africa, so we will be extending the birthday celebrations!  

Anyway, Anna and I initially meet years ago at JMU when I would come up to visit my friend Allison, but the date that I remember most fondly was when Allison had her big end of the year dinner/project and we were all at the same table.  I forced my brother to come with me that day and we all had a great time:
Old School Style: Allison on the far left, Anna, andy and me on the far right.  WOW we were YOUNG!

Then a few weeks later, we all went to the Jason Mraz concert at the National, it was pretty awesome.  I still to this day remember a geeky kid there that we talked to and he was wearing a pink shirt for "Geek in the pink" and was trying to become friends with us so he could get to the front of the stage too!  
Jason Mraz concert!!!
Who knew these two events would be the start of a budding friendship?  Well the years went on, Anna graduated from JMU and got a job in NOVA for a few years.  Then as luck would have it, she took a job in Richmond and if not for Allison's persistence and the fact that she sent something by way of me to get to Anna in Richmond, we might not be the friends we are today!  As it was, Anna and I meet for our first official friend date at Nacho Mama's and from then on, it was like we had always been friends.  Our common bond of Allison made us close--cause if we could share this cool chick as a best friend, why then could we also not be best friends?

Anna and I share an affinity for cookies and Margaritas!

And low tolerances, here we are waiting out our drinks in the parking lot since we were both buzzing :)

We have certainly grown up for the days of early twenties and have matured (somewhat) and grown in our friendship!

A love for musicals together--here we are at Mary Poppins with CJ!

I love Anna's quirkiness and fun attitude, we went so far as to have a Mustachio Bashio themed party for her birthday last year.
Seriously?  What's not to love?

And although this year's birthday is more low-key, it doesn't mean we are any less fun!  There is still lots of fun to be had!

Anna, I am beyond blessed to have you in my life and I am so thankful for how so God-orchestrated our friendship has been!  I can't wait for the days when we are in the nursing home having Margarita Mondays :)  (well after all, maybe I can wait a few more years for that!)

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  1. Yay! love this! And love our girl Anna! :) Happy Birthday!