Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

So I was going back through old posts to try to find some pictures for my scrapbook and turns out I used to not be as picture happy in my blogs.  So I hope you all are enjoying the new picture heavy format.  It makes my life easier cause it means less writing :)

Anyway, this weekend, I hung out with these two lovely ladies Friday night!  We grilled out, decorated cookies, and watched Zero, Dark, 30!  Go watch it, NOW!  Like seriously!  

Someone had a cookie

Someone else had a cookie too!

Cookies all done!

Then I got up and on the road Saturday morning.  I was headed down to Norfolk to help Tiffany and Josh for the weekend again and so Josh could go to the race in Richmond.  I got there and Tiffany and Corbin were at the beach so I got some quality time with this dude:


Then they came back, Corbin got a nap and after said nap, Corbin and I went for a walk on a beautiful day:

Wheelbarrow Fun

Saturday night, Tiffany and I barely survived with the three little boys before Josh got home in the middle of the night. Then Corbin and I got our bonding time first thing Sunday morning:
Being shy first thing in the morning!

After getting up and ready, Corbin and I got dropped off at the Botanical Gardens while Josh and Tiffany braved the warehouse store to stock up on groceries with the two babies.

I love my truck, GaGa!

The gardens have this really cool kids play around, complete with a water fountain area, which Corbin obviously loved:

Then cause he was being so great, he got a special treat, cue the blue tongue again:

After a fantastic morning with my favorite little (almost) 3 year old, we headed back to the house for lunch and naptime for all, except Lala, who helped out by doing laundry and dishes (a never ending battle at their house).  Plus I got to hang with this dude for awhile: 

Hello, did you know I was cute?

Wow, two babies, one adult--this might get a little crazy!

Since last weekend, I got Garrett in his favorite onesie, I thought it was only appropriate to get Holden in his favorite onesie too:

This was taken right before he spewed vomit all over himself and then me!  Good times!

Overall, it was a tiring but fun weekend!

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