Thursday, October 10, 2013

It feels like home to me....

So I was born and raised in Richmond and have lived here my whole life, with the exception of my four years in college which were spent in the lovely little town of Blacksburg, VA.  I loved college: loved the people, loved the school (Go Hokies!), and I even loved the learning part, but I really loved Blacksburg.  It always felt like a second home to me, so in my adult life it always feels a little bit like I am traveling home when I go there.  Except now I look 10 years older than the majority of the population and I sound like an old fart when I talk about how I remember when that building didn't used to be there.  Even still, you just cant keep me away!  The allure of Hokie football, orange and marroon, and cheap GOOD food is enough to bring me back again and again.

So this year, it was appropriate that the game I made it back for was in fact the Homecoming game.  Sara, CJ, and I all traveled to the 'burg to meet up with Amanda and the McHugh's for some weekend fun!  We all got in town for a late dinner on Friday night then went back to Sarah and Matt's house to start round 1 of "hand and foot."  

Saturday morning we got moving at about 9am, so we could make it to the free homecoming tailgate and grab some grub before the game!  You know what is better than cheap food?  Free food--thanks Lowe's for sponsoring some Hokie fun!

A+ Breakfast!

Homecoming Tailgate!

Not sure where Sara, Matt and Kyle were we we snapped that picture above, but no worries, I found them soon enough and stole little Kyle for the morning!
Kyle and "Auntie" Lala

Eventually Sarah & Matt had to leave us to head over to meet up with the band, so Amanda, Sara, CJ and I made our way back to the car for some legit tailgating (see there is the tailgate!)

Eventually we made our way over to Lane Stadium for some Hokie football, aren't we cute in our Marroon shirts??

Loving the new scoreboard!

Needless to say, by the end of the 85+ degree game (in the month of October, mind you), we were all feeling like a shower might be important so it was back to the Mchugh's house for a quick change of clothes and then onto my favorite Blacksburg restaurant, Slouvaki!!!  Then we picked up some Gobble cakes and went back to the house to celebrate Amanda's 30th birthday (a few weeks early) and to finish up our hand and foot match up!

Amanda blows out the candle (aka tealight)

Minion love!
Kyle also managed to show us his all star pole dancing moves!

Cat checking out CJ's oreo!

Sunday morning, CJ, Sara, and I got up and said our goodbye's to the McHugh's and headed to Radford to check out Amanda's digs and grab a quick brunch before we were on the way home!
CJ with her baby cat, Me with baby Kyle, and Sara with her baby cat--please note, I did not hold a cat!

CJ, me, Sara, and Amanda outside the restaurant

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