Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkins and apples and leaves, oh my!

Well even though I object to it, fall has decided to arrive.  Every year I try to protest the onset of fall/winter and just stay with summer all the time, but every year, the seasons change.  So instead of boycotting it, I decided to embrace the changing seasons and celebrate with friends.  

This weekend, two of my dear friends tied the knot!  Patrick and Lila got married at my church and then had their reception at the Virginian Historical Society.  It was a beautiful wedding and Anna and I had a ton of fun dancing the night away.  

Selfie in the bathroom to show off our matching earrings!

Kathryn and me

CJ, Lila (the bride), and me

After the wedding, we got a group together to hit up Bandito's for a fun dance party.  Needless to say, my feet were killing me by the end of the evening.  On Sunday Kathryn, CJ and I headed up to Charlottesville to get our apple picking on.  I left with roughly 15 pounds of apples, about half of which I am currently making apple butter with!  

While at Carter Mountain, we obviously sampled some of the delicious apple doughnuts, and did our fair share of walking and picking and climbing trees!

 We also made sure to take in the beautiful scenery!

Check out this beautiful view!!!!

Why hello!  I am a worm in an apple here!
 After we finished picking the apples, we had worked up an appetite.  So we headed over to The Market, Charlottesville's best kept secret.  It is a gourmet sandwich shop inside of a gas station mart.  It is sooooo good.  We all got various editions of "The Farmington," and not one of us was disappointed.  With sandwiches in hand, we headed back toward Richmond and stopped at Cooper Vineyards to sample some wine and to have a picnic lunch.  

 It turns out The Market also has super yummy pickles in a barrel like old country stores, so Kathryn and I got one to split.  Turns out if you mix some wine with us girls, we take crazy pictures....

What fall activities have you been doing?

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