Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Nannie!

Tomorrow my Nannie will turn 96!  Since I was planning to be in Norfolk this weekend, we hosted the party the week before at home with a bunch of family and friends coming to join the celebration!

To say I am blessed by my grandmother is a total understatement.  This is the woman who gave me my love for all things crafty and taught me to cook.  It was not unusual when I was growing up for me to spend a night with Nannie.  She would always be up early cooking my favorite, hard boiled eggs, and would then get my Pop to drive us to whatever craft store so we could pick out supplies to work on our days craft project.  She influenced the person I am today dramatically and I am forever grateful for that awesome relationship.  Being close to Nannie was a huge reason for me moving back to Richmond after college and it has been great getting to spend so many Saturday lunches with her over the past 8 years!!!  Not only that, but she is the matriarch of my incredible family, so it was a great pleasure to get to cook for her for her 96th birthday!

My Uncle Jerry & Aunt Gloria

My Aunt Jean, mom, and cousin, Dallas

The birthday girl--she looks quite good for 96!

My cousins Trudy and Sharon

Family friend, Mr. Barefoot

Mrs. Barefoot, and my cousin, Scott!

Everyone needs balloons on their birthdays, even when you are 96!

Make a wish, Nannie!
So here is hoping for a big party to celebrate her 100th birthday in just 4 short years :)

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