Monday, November 4, 2013

Life Update in pictures

Since it has now been about 2 weeks since my last post, I thought a life update would be in order!  So now you get the photos that my phone has been hoarding (plus a few that i got from CJ) :)
Dinner & Game Night with Emily, Kevin, Jeff, CJ, and me

Dinner with two of my favs!!!  Then some halloween shopping

Dinner with Nannie

Then we had some Halloween Party Fun:
Lila & Patrick as Bob Ross and his painting

Charlotte, CJ, me, Anna, & Lila

3 blind Mice (Jeff, Emily, Kevin)

Meagan & Gloria 

Mom & Me

Allison as a pirate

My G's :)

Clark Kent & Louis Lane

Me, Allison & Anna

Then there was that time, I took off two days to go down to Norfolk and spend time with my sister and her kids :)

Lunch date with this cutie!

Oh Hey Holden!!!  The day after this kid decided he was too old for naps--FUN TIMES!

Selfie with little Garrett

Happy Halloween from Garrett

Happy Halloween from Bot, oh i mean Corbin!

Then there was the Saturday that we got invited to Emily's family's fall festival!  
Getting ready to do some shooting

CJ's first time shooting a gun!  

Hayride fun!

All in all, life has been good here lately and the last two months of the year promises to be even better :)

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  1. My aunt told me last night that I really looked like a redneck - hahahaha!