Thursday, January 9, 2014

Since I started the year with goals in mind about a week late last year, I figured it was only appropriate to give a 2013 overview about a week late this year!  So how did I do?  Well you can see for yourself....

* Get back to my goal weight by my birthday!
* Study and take my Series 65 exam
* Get out of debt!  I am getting there, I hope to have my car paid off in April so hopefully this goal will get accomplished earlier in the year, rather than later!
* Plan and take our 8 states in 7 days trip (or 10 states in 9 days, whatever it turns into) --JUST DO IT!
* Commit to LESS, I always try to do this and last year I actually felt a little bit better, but there is still room for improvement!
* Cook a meal for a friend/family member at least twice a month at my house!

As you can see, I had a 67% accuracy!  Not great, but I made some good progress on committing to less and trying to free up some time.  About a year ago, I rarely had a day free, this year I really pushed for at least 1-2 free nights a week and I think I accomplished that overall.  Although there were still many weeks when I over-extended myself, but I have definitely gotten better.  This free time also allowed me to cook more, eat out less and to make more time to have friends and family over for a meal which is what I really enjoy doing.  As far as the 8 states in 7 days, if you have been following my blog, you notice that we blew that goal out of the water and did 13 states in 10 days!  Feel free to look back in April of last year for some updates, or check out my recap in numbers!

So what is on tap for 2014?  I am not sure.  Definitely trying to work on getting back in shape and continue to cook and spend time with family and friends.  Again I would like to travel some more (this will likely be my goal EVERY YEAR!), but I am not sure I have as many goals this year.  I just want to enjoy life and be present, so I will try to focus on that rather than more specific goals!

What are your new year's resolutions?

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  1. You still accomplished a lot! Especially keeping 1-2 free nights a WEEK. That's like 52 - 104 extra nights that you could relax/cook/enjoy your family!