Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling the love....

Well Valentine's day has come and gone and I am one lucky girl, look at some of the love I got (in the form of gifts--which is one of my top love languages ironically enough).  

Chocolate & things for my hair---YUP, Ms. Erica knows me well!

My mentor actually wrapped this in bubble wrap and mailed it just like that in the mail---sooo cute and by far the craziest wrapped thing I have ever gotten in the mail!

I came home to find these in my room from Ms. CJ!  She knows me well--my love for pink & flowers!  NAILED IT!

And how funny is this card from Erica?

So as to how I actually spent my Valentine's day?  Well I chaperoned a youth retreat, complete with 4 filled 15 passenger vans---let me tell you...that was a fun 2 hour car ride!

And just a few days before, I went down to Norfolk unexpectedly and was able to get a little love from these guys on Valentine's day morning!

"Hello!  We are cute!"

And not to be outdone, whilst driving around in Richmond city, we came upon this house all decked out for the holiday!  I might just need to become friends with them....

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