Friday, February 28, 2014

Life Update

My blog has been relatively quiet for the better part of this month (and that is good cause I hate it when it speaks out of turn--hehe!), so I thought I would update you all on life's happenings!

Well my travels have started to dwindle which is good because I was gone way more weekends than I was home in January/February, so it is nice to go into March with only 2 weekends of travel on the calendar (so far, anyway).  My mom and I went down to Norfolk to help celebrate Tiffany's birthday with her.  I baked her a vegan Chocolate, Peanut Butter cake.  Which she loved and the rest of us tolerated (because honestly when you are used to regular chocolate cake, nothing can beat that).  While there, her and Josh were able to get away for a birthday celebratory lunch while we watched the kiddies!

Holden man getting big!

Corbin is currently obsessed with airplanes!

Bonnie will kill me for posting this picture so we just wont tell her and we will love on the cute little Garrett man!

 The weekend was (as always) too short, as I was starting to get sick and also had to be back for church on Sunday, so we left after bedtime on Saturday night.  Then the following 5 or so days were all about me resting as I was fighting a sinus infection (yet again). But I seem to be coming out of it and even had friends over last night for dinner and a game night:

So that pretty much brings us to present, with the month of March just hours away now and the thought of a short vacation on the horizon! Guess you will have to check back to see what adventure I have in store next...

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