Monday, March 31, 2014

Rainy Craft Day

So this weekend was yucky, like super yucky!  I had plans with friends to cheer on the Monument 10k runners but with the constant rain and just getting over Pneumonia, I thought it was best to not be outside in the rain.  So by Saturday afternoon, I was getting a little stir crazy, so I ventured out to Target for a little shopping trip with the mom and CJ in tow.  Then came back home and cooked a yummy dinner for us all of West End London Broil with Garlic Mashed Potatoes (from the VT cook book).  

Well Sunday was equally as rainy and still just as yucky, so Lila suggested a craft day, so Kathryn, Lila, CJ and myself all got together to make mason jar soap dispensers.  Stealing a phrase from my friend Amanda, this is another pin-plete (a completed pin from pinterest).  It was quite fun and I like how they turned out, I might just be inclined to make another one sometime :)

What did you do on this rainy weekend?  Who else is ready for spring and summer to be here?

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