Thursday, March 27, 2014

SICK (alternative post--why I have not been posting for the last two weeks)

Spoiler Alert, the title is a dead give-away!  The reason I have been MIA for the last two weeks is simply because I got sick and I got sick real good.  It all started the Monday after Tiffany and Josh left.  I woke up feeling awful, so since it was a snowy day anyway, I decided I would do work from home that day.  Well resting did not seem to make anything better and I was running a fever by day's end.  Tuesday I woke up with every bone in my body in pain, a high fever and no relief in sight so by Tuesday afternoon I was at Patient First, hoping I could get some tamiflu or something.  I had blood work, a flu test and various other tests run and nothing came back positive, so I was sent home with instructions to rest up and get better.  Well my body did not get the memo and decided to get worse and worse over the next two days before Thursday evening when my fever spiked at 103.7, so it was back to Patient First for another round of tests--flu again, more blood and this time a chest scan.  Well guess what?  The chest scan showed that I had massive pneumonia, meaning my lungs were functioning at about 33%.  No wonder I felt like death.  The doctors there went back and forth with whether or not I should go to the hospital, but after 3 hours at Patient First with an IV drip, an antibiotic shot to the backside, and some Tylenol, my pulse and temperature were both at acceptable levels for me to go home, with the instructions that if I got any worse to go straight to the ER.  Well needless to stay, sleep that night did not happen much at all.

For a comparison, my x-rayed lungs are on the left below and the picture on the right is a normal set of lungs.  As you can see mine were filled with all kinds of junk that was not supposed to be there.

Displaying IMG_20140326_112816.jpg 

Luckily, with the problem diagnosed correctly I was able to get on antibiotics and am now feeling better after many, many days of rest.  It is always a hard battle for me to be sick cause I hate not having the energy to do stuff.  I know some people love the chance to be able to rest and relax for 10 days straight, but it was not very fun for me at all.  Although I had the best nurse in the world, with my little mom taking such good care of me.  Then on Saturday with a few doses of antibiotics, I finally got visitors when CJ and Anna came by to visit.  We watched Frozen and just chatted, which was great fun!  Then on Sunday, CJ came back by again.  It was so nice to have people around for me, not to mention the bagels, soup and ice cream CJ brought with her :)

So hopefully I am on the mend and this will be a thing of the past (the coughing is still very present), but normal life has started to happen, so we will see what the next few weeks bring!  It is just sad cause I had to miss a fun and exciting weekend in Baltimore with some of my college buddies, but we will reschedule and hopefully next time snow nor sickness will keep us apart!

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