Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday CJ (a little late)!

I am always so late on these, I posted one for Anna back in September but I think I was about a week late on that too, so I am just staying true to form!

CJ and I originally meet when my roommate, Sara invited her to our annual Christmas Potluck celebration.  At the time I had heard so much about CJ and was excited to meet her, I thought she was cool but I think I may have only ever seen her once or twice more during our college years.  Fast forward to Kristi's wedding and the bridal shower leading up to it, we were two of the few single girls left so we obviously bonded over being single.  

With the new Mrs. Beabout!

Kristi may have brought us together but a love of traveling, throwing parties, and adventure has made this friendship last!  It is hard to even pinpoint a date when we started hanging out but this picture from June of 2010 definitely shows we have aged a bit since some of the initial hang outs:

OMG, look how young we are?

Through the years, we have definitely grown more in out friendships and compliment each other nicely--CJ likes to drive and I like to ride along in the car and clean out her purse, console, glove box, etc.  We even survived a 10 day, mile-intensive road trip together--which really says a lot about testing the bounds of friendship!

If I suggest something, CJ is almost always up for helping out and getting involved--take for instance:

A 1920's murder mystery party:

Or tacky sweaters and singing at the nursing home:

A Virginia Tech football game or even a basketball game that we made a last minute call on to go to:

Plus our mutual love for all things Hokie is kinda awesome too!

 She has even made it to not one, but a few southside speedway races with me and Osl:

We share a love for the holidays and get so excited about Christmas:

And this past Christmas, she even got to take part in Williams Family Christmas Breakfast (my mom's side of the family) as she was in town on Christmas day!

I am so thankful for your friendship, CJ and am truly blessed to have a friend as awesome as you!  You are a person of great generosity, you put up with my (seemingly) uncontrollable desire to straight and organize, and you are just a great role model of what a true friend should be!  Thanks for always having my back and I hope your birthday was as great as you!

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  1. Awwwww! This is so sweet! Some of those pics are SUPER OLD!!!